TransCapeMTB has pioneered the premium, small field, stage race concept in South Africa and it is our mission to ensure that the event continues to deliver one of the very best multi-stage, endurance mountain biking experience is the world.

Our mission

In addition to offering a truly world-class customer experience, TransCapeMTB also has a mission to ensure we make a real difference to the people through who’s land we travel. This we do via various fundraising activities that benefit numerous charities and education initiatives along our route. Our initiatives also focus heavily on job creation and skills development.


One of the things we incontrovertibly believe in is that each of us creates our own history. This will certainly hold true for the TransCape MTB team as we build an event that we will be proud of in the years to come. Right now, the cornerstone we’re anchoring this dream on is a ride that will unite each and every rider who joins the TansCape MTB family. And once you have joined us, you will help us write that history.



With her love of cycling and the breathtaking Garden Route, Klein Karoo and Winelands regions of South Africa, Lenore dreamed about creating a unique mountain biking experience for competitors in the Western Cape and turned it (her dream) into a reality hosting the inaugural TransCape MTB race in February 2015.


Strengthening this frame is Lenore’s husband Wayne, a very keen mountain biker and endurance sport enthusiast who grew up in the Eastern Cape where he learnt to ride his first bike on the many single tracks (called ‘sheep paths’ in those days) of the family farm.


At the helm of creating this memorable off course experience for participants is the energetic Irmarie. With a real passion for cooking, hyperactive by her own admission and having a love of socializing with friends and family around a fire with a glass of good red wine, she is the ideal person to see to the social and accommodation needs of the riders.


You’ve heard the cliché ‘It is about the journey, not the destination’, right? Well, the thing is that you cannot have a proper journey without a Point A and a Point B. This is what first got us started on the TransCape MTB concept…

We’ve done dozens of South African MTB Stage Races and rides, and the ones we’ve enjoyed most have been those events that took us on a linear journey through this wonderful country we call home. You start somewhere real and you finish somewhere real.

Progression along a multi-day journey such as this goes hand in hand with your personal transformation, passing through the landscape experiencing the scenery from forest to fynbos to grassland to desert – and then all the way back again – your soul and your spirit will soar in tandem with the geographic ebb and flow.


We’ve said all along that for us, ‘it is about the ride, not about the race’. We want all our TransCape MTB riders to have the time to immerse themselves within every nuance their route will offer on the day. The smell of the Karoo scrub as you pedal through the Rooiberg; the distant rumble of thunder as summer storms strafe the plains beyond Calitzdorp; the raucous racketing call of Knysna touraco in the Podocarpus Yellowwoods towering above you and your bike as you navigate the forests from the starting line.

Don’t get us wrong. We know the needs of the mountain biking fraternity, and that there will always be people out there keen to put the hammer down and race for the line. But we also want those Regular Joe’s, Weekend Warriors and Middle-Packers to be an integral part of this amazing TransCape MTB journey.

Our dream is that our route organiser will make you fall in love with the countryside the route will traverse. Small towns you’ve barely heard of will pop up on your radar and, instead of creating the archetypal race village, we’d like our riders to disperse into these “dorpies”, eating “koeksisters” and downing mugs of “boeretroos”, while soaking up the special spirit of the “Platteland”.

To end off, we feel that some of the humanity has been lost in the process of creating MTB races which pass through towns without bringing lasting benefit. TransCape MTB will be slick, but it will always have heart, and we will engage with everyone – including those non-bike people we pass on the way – to share our special brand of passion.